Want to have your tent cleaned by Ultramar?

A tent needs maintenance too
Whether an awning, tent, folding tent, teepee tent, scouting tent, safari tent or lightweight tent, each tent needs maintenance. Otherwise the tent can not be used with pleasure. Although there are clear differences between the various types of cloth and brands, they have one thing in common. They are very susceptible to fungus and the familiar green deposit. On the inside of the tent you often find the well-known black stains / mold stains. The exterior gets dirty after some time by algae contaminated water (rain stripes), resin stains, etc.

Since 1998 we clean tents

Our sail and tent cleaning company is specialized in cleaning tents. In recent years we have cleaned tents of all shapes and sizes. Personal tents of the Dutch Rescue Teams and defense to cotton trailer tents. For almost every tent and each canvas we have a solution.

Your awning is in good hands

Often we are called and asked ‘Can you clean my tent? The caravan dealer says that it’s not possible. ” There is still much ignorance about the cleaning and impregnation of tents. With the right products, tent cleaning and waterproofing is no problem.

At Ultramar we clean cotton tents

Do you have a tent trailer tent or other cotton tent and is it dirty or there is mold in the canvas. That does not mean that’s the end of the story. We at Ultramar, are able to clean even heavily soiled cotton tents again. Have a cotton tent to be cleaned? Please get in touch with us.

Don’t use a standard cleaner for your tent

We often hear that people clean their tent with green soap or a standard cleaner. Green soap is soft indeed, but it will give problems. Even after rinsing for a long time with clean water, it leaves a greasy residue. (You can feel it on your hands). That fatty layer is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. It will also ensure that impregnating the tent cloth is much more difficult. So use a special tent cleaner.