Tent cleaning and impregnating

Specialist in cleaning and waterproofing camping tents
As a special tent care company we specialize in cleaning and waterproofing all kinds of tents. We clean all brands, such as Isabella, Dorema, Walker, De Waard and Holtkamper. Each tent is different. An awning with extension, a camping tent, a party tent or trailer tent. Each tent needs a different treatment. We do not use washing machines or aggressive products. We clean according to the Soaking Method. The cleaning process is very labor intensive, but it is the only way to safely and thoroughly clean fragile tents.

Step 1 

The awning shows mold and algae spots on the canvas and at the seams. The roof is also very dirty from all the rubbish that falls from the trees on the campsite. Break off and go to a Collection Point!

Step 2

The baths are filled with water of thirty degrees and specially developed Sail Ceaner.

Stap 3

The awning stays overnight in the special bath, causing the dirt to come off the canvas. Algae and fungi disappear like snow in the sun.

Step 4

With a high-pressure cleaner the loosened dirt is rinsed off the cloth.

Step 5

The tent parts must then slowly and naturally dry before the treatment starts.

Step 6

After checking the cleaning result, the cloth goes into an impregnation bath where it is protected against water, fungi and algae. After this, the tent parts are dried again.

Step 7

There is no need for a protective coating on the windows, which is why they are well cleaned.

Step 8

After having gone through all the treatments, the cloth is tested for watertightness. Here you can see how beautiful the water is again.

Step 9

The fabric is water, mold and dirt repellent again, and it looks like new!

How do we clean and impregnate tents?

  1. Your order enters our warehouse
  2. We check all the spare parts
  3. Special features, such as poor stitching are put into the system
  4. Each separate part gets its own label with barcode
  5. All parts of the tent are put for one night in a soaking tank with water up to 30 degrees.
  6. The next day we rinse the tent with a high pressure cleaner with special nozzle.
  7. Soaking and rinsing is repeated for a few days.
  8. If the dirt is gone, we rinse the tent all day in clean water.
  9. Then we dry the tent naturally.
  10. After drying all parts get a treatment with our impregnation.
  11. Cotton we impregnate with Canvas & Cotton Protector. Awnings, for example ALLSEASON canvas, we impregnate with Sprayhood & Tent Protector. Light weight tents we coat with Outdoor Gear Protector.
  12. Each separate part that is finished and dry, goes to the section ” Control ‘.
  13. All loose parts are checked on the result.
  14. By scanning the barcode, the system indicates exactly where the other loose parts of the order are.
  15. Once all loose parts are again checked and put together, the order can be released.
  16. The order will be packed in a box, all loose parts again get an extra check.