Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your sails!

Better safe than sorry
Many sails suffer from fungi and algae. Whether it’s Dacron or the most modern laminate. Not only is this a very unpleasant face, but certainly in laminate sails this can cause problems. The fungi and algae have every opportunity to grow between the layers of the fabric. For example, there is a greater chance of delamination. (release of the various layers).

The best sollution: give your sails an extra coating. Preferably also for your new sails!

Why an additional coating?

Reason 1: The coating that is applied to the new fabric often does not give sufficient protection. In particular, the anti-fungal activity leaves much to be desired. The cause: the increasingly stringent environmental requirements in the manufacture of the fabric.

Reason 2: Sails are stitched and taped. The stitching creates small holes in the fabric. Through these holes fungi and algae can easily contaminate the tape used. For laminate sails fungi can even penetrate far between the layers of cloth.
By coating a sail with a protective coating treatment, it reduces the risk of mold and mildew considerably. Also, the cloth is again perfect water – and dirt repellent.

Reason 3: After some time, the original coating that sits on your sail, will exhibit very little damage in many places. This makes the sail very susceptible to the adhesion of dirt, mold and algae.

Is a sail cover sufficient?
Most of the sails that we receive for cleaning have become dirty while their owners thought that they were perfectly protected by a sail cover or sleeve. Quite often the sleeve itself is no longer water and dirt repellent. But at a certain point, even a newly installed sleeve will runs the risk that polluted water seeps in between the sail. This water contains all sorts of organisms, which subsequently grow and bond to the cloth. Or worse, penetrate the cloth. Here too, an extra coating with products developed according to our special formula is the solution.

Original coating of your sails

The sail cloth is treated with a coating. This coating provides the firm creaking water-repellent finish. Most importantly, the coating ensures the stability (shape stability) of the sailcloth. Without this coating the yarns would be able to move relative to each other. (Think of a weak tea towel)
With the proper coating, you will glue the yarns against each other, so to speak. This can increase the shape stability.

Sail is weak and vulnerable
After some time the original coating of the sail will be damaged. By flapping, folding, UV radiation, salt water, sand, etc. The cloth will feel increasingly weak, lose its shape and absorb more and more water. The sail also becomes susceptible to mold, algae and dirt.

Your sail will be stiffer and firmer

With Sail & Spinnaker Coating we are able to give your sail the feeling of a new sail. After treatment the sail again is more crackling, crisp and perfectly waterproof. It feels firmer, more rigid and stable diagonally.

Lighter and dryer
By coating the sail cloth with Sail & Spinnaker Coating, the cloth stays perfectly dry.

The perfect coating for spinnakers
Sail & Spinnaker Coating is the perfect coating for spinnakers. The cloth slides smoother over itself and the rigging. The spinnaker stays lighter because it no longer absorbs any water. Since the cloth is considerably more airtight, the spinnaker also performs better. Sail & Spinnaker Coating is the strongest coating that is available for spinnakers.