Sail cleaning, a luxury or a necessity?

Also your sails need maintenance
Sails have to endure much of sand and salt, but also of atmospheric dirt, spiders, flies, algae, fungi and other aggressive pollution. Not every pollution will directly provide damage, but the longer one waits to remove it, the greater the chance of damaging the cloth, coating, stitching, etc.

Control check by the sailmaker

An additional advantage of washing your sails is that the weak stitching is easier to see. We wash sails for sailmakers throughout the Netherlands and abroad. At these sailmakers, you can hand your sails, which are then send to us, washed and optionally provided with a protective coating. Then the sailmaker can check your stitching and make sure you are using a clean, protected and safe sail.

Have your sails washed

For decades, one can wash the sails. It used to be a sideshow. It was done by some sailmakers in the quiet time. The sails were soaked in a large container full of water and soft soap. Then they sprayed them off. With the coming of the professional sail cleaning company, much has changed. Sail washing is now no longer a sideshow. We do nothing else. Since 1998 we work for most sailmakers in the Netherlands. We are constantly developing new cleaners and coatings. Because of these coatings, it is now possible, not only to wash a sail, but also to give a good protection.

Rust, algae, mold in your sail? No problem.
With our specially developed cleaning agents, we can get a lot of dirt out of your sails. Whether it comes to mold, mildew, rust or glue, we have a product for it. Some of these products are: Ultramar Sail Cleaner, Rust Remover Ultramar, Ultramar Power Cleaner, Ultramar Sail Number Remover.

Clean your sails?

Rinse your sails regularly thoroughly with tap water. Especially if you are sailing on salt water. The salt attracts moisture, mold and mildew. In addition, there is a greater risk of damage by the abrasive action.

Do not use a pressure cleaner!
We regularly get damaged sails. Self-cleaned with a high pressure cleaner. Result: broken cloth, stitching and many stripes. Use only a brush and running water. Our high pressure washers in our company are specially adapted. We have special nozzles which provide a uniform low pressure. This allows us to clean the most vulnerable sailcloth and tents.

Would you like to wash your sail?

With Ultramar Sail Cleaner you can wash your sails. Clean the sails at least 1 time per season. The Sail Cleaner is safe and we have been using it in since 1998.