Ultramar Sail & Tent Cleaning. Recommended by sailmakers!
De specialist in zeilen wassen, coaten, voortent reinigen impregneren, bootkap reinigen, waterdicht maken, verwijderen schimmel, algen, weerplekken. Sinds 1998 aanbevolen door zeilmakers.
zeilen, wassen, coaten, voortent, reinigen, impregneren, bootkap, waterdicht maken, verwijderen schimmel, algen, weerplekken
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Sail and Tent Cleaners

Recommended by sail makers

Cleaning: luxury or necessity?

Yacht sails, boat covers, tents, etc. are exposed to sand and salt, as well as atmospheric grime, spiders, bird droppings, flies, mould, algae and other aggressive pollution. Regular cleaning and impregnation will reduce the bonding of dirt to the fibres of the cloth. This reduces the risk of ripping, damage, mould and other contaminations.

Our employs well-trained and experienced specialists and has all the required equipment, space and know-how for thoroughly cleaning badly soiled sails, boat covers and tents. Even staining by rust, mould and algae are no problem.

We are recommended by sail makers, tent rental companies, shipyards, suppliers of awnings, etc. as the place to go for:

Cleaning and coating sails, spinnakers and kites.

Cleaning and impregnating boat covers, tents, parasols, awnings.

Removing mould and green mildew from sails, boat covers and tents.

Why Zonklaar?

Specialist since 1998

Recommended by sailmakers

96% recommend us

Fast delivery

Transport throughout Europe

Experienced staff

Large network Collection points

Specially developed products

Safe for every type of fabric

Also for cotton tents

Mold and mildew removal

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