Do you want to become a dealer?

Let your customers benefit from our reliable service and unique products.

Why become a dealer?
A  dealer has many advantages. The main advantages you will find here.

1: Recommended by your colleagues 
We are specialized in cleaning and impregnating / coating sails, boat covers, tents, parasols, etc. Since 1998, we are the familiar address for many sailmakers, tent rental companies, shipyards, watersports shops, caravan dealers, etc. Even mold, mildew, algae or rust stains are no problem.

2: More service for your existing customers
The demand for professional cleaning of sails and tents has risen sharply in recent years. We offer you the opportunity to anticipate and expand your service package and increase your sales. By becoming our dealer you give more service to your existing customers.

3: Get more new customers
People look at our website to see where they can find a dealer. Chances are very high that you attract new customers as a dealer.

4: It costs you nothing
As a dealer  you can start without investing. You will receive a beautiful DISCOUNT on our prices. We provide advertising and promotion and send customers to you. So provide more service, increases your sales and revenue at no cost.

5: A reliable name
We have built a good and reliable name in the watersports and camping industry. As an official dealer you will benefit. 96% of our customers say they recommend us to friends and colleagues!

6: Always the best service
Many companies provide a good service. For us, good is not good enough. We want your client to advertise about you and about us. Therefore, we strive every day to give the very best service!

7: Free promotional material 
As an official dealer you will receive nice promotional materials such as posters and leaflets.

8: The perfect distribution system
All you need to do is pack in our box. You will then receive it back by DHL after a few weeks.

9: National advertising campaigns
We advertise for you! (and of course for us). Throughout the year there run advertising campaigns on the Internet and in some magazines.

10: Our maintenance products
Not only can you become a dealer of our Sail & Tent Cleaning Service, but you can also sell our Ultramar maintenance products. All products are developed by ourselves. 96% of our customers recommend the Ultramar products! Look at


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What should we do?

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What we need from you?
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Send your data directly to: support@ultramar.xl

PS: Would you like to sell our successful maintenance?
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