About us

Recommended by sailmakers since 1998
Ultramar Sail & Tent Cleaning Company is a modern and well-equipped company. Since 1998 we specialize in thorough, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning of your yacht sails, boat covers, tents, canvas covers and parasols. In the Netherlands, Ultramar cleans for approximately 200 sailmakers, shipyards and other watersports companies.

Is cleaning a luxery or a necessity?

Yacht sails, boat covers, tents, and alike have to withstand lots of sand and salt, but also atmosfheric dirt, spiders, bird droppings, flies, algae and other aggressive contamination. Regular cleaning and impregnation reduces the risk of dirt bonding to the fibres of the cloth. It also reduces the chance of tears and other damage to the cloth.

Well-trained professionals
Ultramar employs well-trained and experienced professionals and has the equipment, space and know-how to thoroughly clean highly polluted yacht sails, boat covers and tents.

Ultramar maintenance products

Together with several partners, Ultramar develops maintenance products for sails, tents, kites and boat covers. Years of experience as specialised sail cleaners and the possibility to initially test our products during the cleaning process and in pratice puts us in a position to develop products that do what they are meant to do: namelijk to clean and protect.

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