Boat cover impregnating? Not only to make it waterproof!

Protect BEFORE it’s too late
Most people think about cleaning and protecting once a cloth leaks, is affected by green fouling or is completely contaminated with fungi. Make sure that you beat this! Providing protection regularly reduces the chance of wear, mold and algae. The cloth remains cleaner for a longer time and it is perfectly water and dirt repellent.

Cloth of your boat cover

Most boat covers, canvas hoods, tents are made of plastic cloth (like Stamoid) or an acrylic cloth (like Markilux, Sunbrella). Although there are clear differences between the various types of cloth and brands, they have one thing in common. They are very susceptible to a green moisture or mold. Especially the coating on the inside of the cover is very fragile. We therefore recommend to certainly protect the inside.

We impregnate your entire boat cover or tent

We do things well. We do everything to clean your tent or boat cover perfect. People are often amazed at the results. Also the result of the impregnation. We have developed all impregnating agents and coatings ourselves. Most impregnating agents are standard products that provide temporary protection. As a professional sail and tent cleaning company, we have other requirements. With our own impregnation we can deliver what we promise. Namely a perfect impregnated boat cover! And not just the outside.

Thanks to our years of experience, we have a system that is reliable and works. Your boat cover is in safe hands.

To dry boat covers

After impregnation, all boat covers are hung to dry naturally. No dryers or high temperatures that are harmful.

Impregnating and waterproofing?

After we have processed your boat cover or sprayhood, there comes a time that you have to do something about maintenance. Make sure the cloth stays perfect water and dirt repellent. So you have the longest enjoyment of your precious hood. Spray the cloth once in each quarter with our strong impregnant. In this way, fungi, algae and dirt are less likely to attach to the fabric.