Cleaning boat covers? We do nothing else!

Mold, algae and mildew. A growing problem
The main reason that nowadays a boat cover, tent or tarpaulin needs cleaning, is the contamination by mildew, algae and weather stains. Cloth manufacturers are faced with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. This makes it impossible to produce fabrics that are well protected against these fungi and algae. Our humid climate does the rest.

Specialist in the cleaning of boat covers

Since 1998 we have specialized in cleaning and waterproofing boat covers, tarpaulins, sprayhoods, sail hoods, etc. Over the years we have developed a washing process that is safe for virtually any type of fabric. Because we do not use washing machines, we can provide the right treatment for every model and fabric.

Our process
At least as important as cleaning and impregnation, is the whole administrative handling of the order. We get hundreds of sails, boat covers and tents within a short period. Each tent or cover consists of several parts. If that is not labeled and accurately controlled, then the chance of losing is large.

The different steps

  • Your order is received by us
  • ​We check all loose items
  • Particulars such as poor stitching are put into the system
  • Each separate part gets its own label with barcode
  • All parts of the boat cover is cleaned and impregnated
  • Each separate part that is finished and dry, goes to the section ” Control”.
  • All loose parts are checked on the result.
  • By scanning the barcode, the system indicates exactly where the other loose parts of the order are.
  • Once all loose parts are checked again and put together, the order can be released.
  • The order will be packed in a box, all loose parts again get an extra check before they go into the box.

Through our years of experience we have a system that is reliable and works. Your boat cover is in safe hands.

The danger of soft soap and standard cleaning agent

Many people still believe that it is good to clean the cloth with soft soap. Although soft soap is mild, it leaves a fatty layer, even after rinsing well. This is a perfect feeding ground for mildew and algae.